When restoration is required, our professionals work with high-quality products and materials, inconspicuously working to minimize interruptions in and around your property.

  • Concrete Restoration

    Concrete Restoration

    Concrete is one of our most durable and flexible construction materials. Still, concrete is not indestructible. Concrete is porous and can be vulnerable to water, chloride ions and other chemicals and pollutants. If not protected or sealed properly, intrusion of water or chemicals can damage a structure. DD Reconstruction will identify the causes of any problems as we develop a plan.

    We assess and work with you to develop preventative maintenance plans for your structure, restoring your structure when necessary. When restoration is required, our goal is to ensure structural integrity. Our techniques include high quality products and materials and the least invasive construction methods. 

  • Expansion Joints

    Expansion Joints

    Given the amount of damage water intrusion can cause a structure, waterproofing is essential. Still underutilized in new builds, water seepage can damage structural elements and shorten the life of buildings, parking structures, and basements. Through waterproofing, we create an impenetrable barrier which protects your building by preventing water penetrations.

    DD Reconstruction offers waterproofing solutions for foundations, walls and roofs—for both residential and commercial structures. We specialize in water and waste water treatment structures, parking structures, and below grade foundations. As water and chemical seepage into cracks is one of the primary causes of structural corrosion, we work to seal from the inside, avoiding costly outside foundation excavation. A waterproofing plan can prevent damage down the line, saving you thousands of dollars.